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  • Languages & Animal Communication
    HUMAN LANGUAGES BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE Native Speaker ENGLISH Fluent FRENCH Fluent GERMAN Intermediate ITALIAN Intermediate JAPANESE Intermediate (listening) | Basic DANISH Basic (reading) SPANISH Fluent (listening & reading) NON HUMAN ANIMAL COMMUNICATION Operational understanding CHIMPANZEE (Pan troglodytes) 14 months experience BONOBO (Pan paniscus) 2 months CAPUCHIN MONKEY (Sapajus spp) Beginner KYOTO UNIVERSITY ARTIFICIAL LANGUAGE 14 months YERKISH ARTIFICIAL LANGUAGE 2 months OTHER HUMAN LANGUAGES OF INTEREST I took courses/private lessons to understand the linguistic structures of these languages but I don't speak them ;) CLASSICAL GREEK MANDARIN BRAZILIAN TUPI GUARANI NHANDEVA AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE JAPANESE SIGN LANGUAGE
  • Current Positions & Societies
    Academic Ambassador for Industry Engagement Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (U.K.) Awardee - 2022 Academic Branding Academy LLC (U.S.) Founder and Academic Branding Specialist University of St Andrews (U.K.) Visiting Scholar Ergonpin (BR) Business strategy & finances ​ Wild Minds Lab (U.K.) | Member ​ Anthropology of Life Team (France) | Member ​ Primatology & Wildlife Sciences Program (Japan) | International Collaborator American Anthropological Association (AAA) International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) International Primatological Society (IPS) Animals & Society
  • Distinctions
    ACADEMIC 2019 | International PSL Dissertation Prize | Honorable mention Category Science-Humanities Interface (France) 2015 | Interviewed by Radio France as young talent La langue des singes (the language of apes) 2005 | Brazilian Center for Research in Physics Mentee of the astrophysicist Luiz Alberto Oliveira Concluded as a junior talent (A+) Univ. level seminars History & Philosophy of Science I & II 2001 | Obtained the title "Human Rights Defender" FASE NGO, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil| junior talent Trained in human rights Specialty: Child exploitation prevention and awareness PUBLIC RELATIONS 2016 | Diplomatic meeting with Japanese ambassador in the Republic of Guinea Accompanied Japanese & Guinean researchers in official meeting to discuss research cooperation 2014 | Diplomatic meeting with the French minister Represented France-based researchers in diplomatic event in Japan Policy meeting to assess international research collaboration with the French minister Laurent Fabius, ambassador Thierry Dana, and the president of Kyoto University 2008 | Honorable mention Model United Nations Delegate (university-level) in the academic simulation of the UN Security Council Estácio de Sá University, Rio de Janeiro 2003 | Honorable mention Model United Nations Delegate (junior level) in the UN Security Council Simulation Estácio de Sá University, Rio de Janeiro
  • Technical Skills
    SOFTWARES Cybertracker (Behavior Coding) SPSS (Statistics) NVivo (Qualitative Research) Kaleidoscope (Bioacoustics) FIELDWORK IN THE WILD Rock Climbing Certified by the Brazilian Mountain Club (CEB) 1692 meters (National Park of Serra dos Orgãos, Brazil) Environmental Sampling Bioconservation Training (Brazil) CAPTIVE HUSBANDRY Husbandry and Experiments on Primates Kyoto University, Primate Research Institute License 2015-2017 (Nr: GN 14095) (Japan) Safety Training for chimpanzee escape Kyoto University, Primate Research Institute 2015 (Japan) Wild Animal Husbandry: Enclosure Planing & Welfare Bioconservation 2022 (Brazil) VISUAL METHODS Photography Brazilian Association of Photography Contemporary Photography Space (Brazil) Videoethnography École Supérieure des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (France)
  • Formal Education & Training
    ALMAE MATRES École Normale Supérieure (ENS) | France Ph.D. Social Anthropology ​ Bielefeld University & ENS | Germany-France M.A. History, Philosophy & Sociology of Science ​ Federal University of Rio de Janeiro | Brazil B.A. Social Sciences TRAINING Wildlife Acoustics | Online Bioacoustics University of Kyoto | Japan Cognitive Sciences, Experiments & Primatology ​ Harvard University | United States Quantitative Methods ​ Bossou Forest Station | The Republic of Guinea Fieldwork in the Wild University of South Carolina | United States Dimensions of Measurement ​ National Research Council | Italy Innovation in Science ​ University of Copenhagen | Denmark Political studies & Genocide Prevention Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance | United Kingdom Academic Entrepreneurship
  • Sciences Background
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  • Social Sciences Background
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  • Philosophy Background
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